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The Nightcap Village development is currently opening its doors to future residents, who can now apply to join the Community and Company as members.

The overall Community vision is that of Honouring Tribe and Country. In order to make sure that all areas of the Community encompass these philosophies, the developers have established a set of guidelines known as:


The Five Yidaki principles:

These five principles could be said to be like a finger and thumb on a hand, which when come together in sequence form a powerful fist, united and strong.

The Land

Is the deal being proposed the correct thing for country? Is it respectful and does it honour the purpose for which we have come together… to live in harmony with Mother Earth in this sacred place?

The Local Tribe

Whilst land and tribe are synonymous and obviously intrinsically linked, we do take into account and give special consideration to both as separate entities.

Before material decisions are made, we ask the opinion of the tribe and the ancestors who have gone before them, so as to pay respect to them and their culture on country, as much as to the land.

The Community (the Company)

All transactions must provide benefit in some or many ways to the Community and therefore all Community members, as shareholders.

The Incoming Purchaser/Shareholder

The benefits to the incoming purchaser need to be clear and evident, and the vision and direction of the Community needs to resonate with them from the beginning.

It goes without saying that if the company is performing well, then shareholders are usually happy, but the reverse is just as important and some would say even more so. The developers want people to join us on the land and for them to live their highest and best purpose, and to “Live what they Love”. We actively encourage people to fulfill this area as an integral part of their lives on country.

The Developers/Visionaries

The developers must be successful in making this project a world leading example of alternative ways of living that are readily available.

This Project is the first of many such YIDAKI communities set for development and expansion around Australia and to be built on tribal lands in partnership with local tribes. By supporting this development and the developer’s vision, you are also helping to advance the alternative way of life for many others that share our tribal views and who want a way out of the system.

If these ideas and the philosophies resonate with you and you’re interested to know more, please fill out your details below and we will send you a simple questionnaire for you to fill in, to tell us a little bit about your story and why you would like to join your future with ours. We will also send you a copy of the FAQs.